Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dining Room


The Good:
* Nice light fixture
* All moldings in good condition

The Bad:
* Bad paint job (faux gone wrong)

Work Done:

* Primed and painted the walls, ceilings, and moldings
* Refinished wood floors
* New windows


Table-- From: Family, passed down. Cost: Free
Place mats-- From: Dollar Tree. Cost: $1 each.
Curtains-- From: IKEA. Cost: $10 / panel.
Flower Paintings: From: Old staging furniture. Cost: free.
Table Cloth-- From: Passed down, from grandma. Cost: Free.

I was so happy to be able to use this brown in my house. I absolutely love it. The big windows and white moldings really gave me the ability to go so dark.

I'm very pleased with the "flow" of these two rooms. The colors really mesh well, and I was blessed to be given so many furniture pieces (most of them free) that help tie the rooms together. These two rooms were intended to be spaces that are inviting, warm, and cozy-- with a hint of modernized antique-ness. It's been neat seeing my vision come together to create a space that encompasses that exact vision!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living Room


The Good:
* Great crown molding/baseboards in good condition
* Ceiling light fixture in good condition
* Wood floors

The Bad:
* Ugly fireplace brick
* Ugly fireplace sconces
* Bad paint job

Work Done:

* Primed and painted the walls, ceiling, all moldings, and the fireplace
* Installed a wood stove insert (less mess and looks sharp)
* New fire place sconces
* Refinished wood floors
* New windows

Coffee Table/End Table-- From: Craigslist
Rug-- From: IKEA
Couch-- From: Cousin. Cost: Babysitting
Pillows-- From: Goodwill. Cost: $5 each
3X3 Art-- DIY. Cost: $10
Clock/Spoon/Mirrors-- From: Goodwill. Cost: $10.
Blanket-- From: Sharon Folkert. House warming present. (It's perfect!)

Chairs-- From: Aunt. Cost: Free
Drapes-- From: Ikea. Cost: $10/panel.

Ceiling Tiles w/ Mirrors-- From: Aunt. Cost: Free.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Bedroom


The Good:
* Beautiful original wood.

The Bad:
* Lots of holes in the walls
* Ugly blinds
* Floors in bad condition


Work done:
* Patched holes in walls
* Primed and painted walls and cieling
* Primed and painted ceiling trim
* New windows
* New carpet

* Antique Bed frame-- From: My great great great grandma. Cost: Free.
* Duvet, and lights-- From: Old staging furniture. Cost: Free.
* Dresser-- From: Aunt. Cost: Free.
* Bed blankets-- From: Grandma. Cost: Free.

* End tables-- From: Goodwill. Cost: $20 each.
* Lantern-- From: Goodwill. Cost: $5.

Wreath: DIY. Made from a book, paper, old potpourri, and hot glue.

Wreath: DIY.
Curtains-- From: Goodwill. Cost: $5.
White Paper Flowers-- From: One Fair World. Cost: $15.

Hanging shelf-- From: Aunt Bee's. Cost: $20
Trunk-- From: Grandma. Cost: Free
Believe-- From: Aunt Peggy. House warming present. (Isn't perfect for that spot?)

The Biggest Project of My Life

In December, I started a journey. A name of which I've given it, "The Biggest Project of My Life." I bought a house. A house that needed to be loved.

Details of my journey-

It started with me meeting lots of houses with my Realtor (and also my father) John Baker. I met all kinds of houses. Big, small. Old, new (well newer than the old ones. By new, I mean like 1980s). After not being too impressed with the selection, my quite knowledgeable Realtor suggested that I make a list of what I was looking for. My list was as follows:

1.  No more than $115,000.
2.  More than 1 bedroom and more than 1 bathroom.
3.  Has a garage.
4.  In a safe neighborhood.
5.  Old. AKA... lots of character.

So, when my dad heard of this house coming on the market:
1.  Asking price $104,900.
2.  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
3.  Detached garage.
4.  Good neighborhood with a low crime rate. (Thank you mom, my favorite police officer, for being a trustworthy source in the safety of the area)
5.  Built in 1931. AKA... lots of character.

I must have driven by it a thousand times. When I finally had the opportunity to step inside, I fell in love with this house. It was perfect. I knew my searching was over. My dad kept repeating, "This is going to take a lot of work." And I kept on responding, "I know. But it will be worth it." It was true, this house was in need of some serious tender love and care. But, lucky for my house, it was care I was willing to give.

Over the next week or so, I will post pictures of the transformation of my house. It was a journey. One that taught me important life lessons.

So here it is. The transformation of This Old House into my home.